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I may not look like a yellow dog but check out my ears.

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I'm paying for the excesses of my youth. Skiing with abandon, too much cavorting, rugby, climbing and finally weight all took a toll on my spine
and joints. Providentially I spent 1995-2002 teaching in Korea. The diet and the cultural fact that very few buildings have an elevator if not five stories made the years in Busan a defacto and inescapable stair-step adventure. I dropped 55 pounds.
I spent almost forty years teaching English grammar and literature all over the U.S. and in Italy, Switzerland and Korea. I have enjoyed every minute of it, with the exception of the separation and divorce with my wife of 11 years. I only got married once. I remain single. I have been a poet, an actor an artist and an animator with Will Vinton Clamation (Dancing Raisins) with some sucess. All in all though the focus has been teaching; from 125th and St.Nic's in Harlem (emotional disabled adolescents) to Rice University in Houston (one course on Shakespeare in production).
I now reside in Spokane ,WA. Until I found Newsvine I had sparse chance for discourse.